[Chat] It's almost the 4th of July at the Palace - 6 months left

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Tue, 01 Jul 2003 08:02:36 +0400

HOOAH!  This is the word we use to indicate agreement with most comments =
made to us in group by our commanders=2E  It kind-of is like a big OK!!  =
Also like a group cheer=2E Anyway=2C I thought I would have found time be=
fore now to write=2C but I have been working very hard keeping track of t=
he =93knuckleheads=94 still running around this country=2E  Knuckleheads =
go by many names and have various political affiliations=2C but their com=
mon goal is to disrupt our efforts to bring order and stability to Iraq=2E=
  Our goal is to find them and put them out of business=2C kill them if n=
ecessary!  As you know by now=2C we have lost many soldiers over the past=
 month=2C the recent kidnapped ones being one of the sadder stories=2E  W=
e must bring the perps to justice or our ability to succeed with other ve=
ntures is seriously diminished=2E  On a positive note=2C the Baghdad Airp=
ort should open by the end of July to international flights=2C so you can=
 all come and visit=2E

On July 4th=2C we plan to have lots of stuff going on=2E  Arnold Schwartz=
enegger is to visit and premier Terminator 3=3B there is a talent show (I=
 may sing in a future one=2C but not in this one)=3B we will have our fir=
st =93class-A=94 meal (nothing pre-cooked)=3B there is a 5K race =96 (I a=
m not running)=3B and rumor has fireworks happening at night=2E  More on =
this in my next newsletter=2E

Once again=2C I will be moving=2C both for work and sleeping=2E  My work =
area moves to a smaller building (where our PX =96 Post Exchange was unti=
l a few weeks ago) which is close to where I am now sleeping=2E  At the s=
ame time=2C we are moving our sleeping quarters to pre-fab buildings of s=
ome sort=2C complete with AC and showers=2E  I imagine we will also get n=
ew outhouses=2E  Of course this new sleeping area will be closer to where=
 I am working now and probably a mile from our new work location=2E  They=
 call this progress=2E  In the meantime=2C we have an uninstalled 36=2C00=
0 BTU AC unit sitting on the ground outside the window =96 it only needs =
a generator with the proper 3-phase power supply=2E  Supposedly one exist=
s=2C but who knows where=2E  Isn=92t the Army fun=3F=3F  We do at least h=
ave three fans now!  =

Daytime temperatures are approaching 113 degrees now and nights are in th=
e low 80=92s=2E  I now have two bug nets=2C and plenty of bug repellant=2C=
 though the insects have taken a siesta for the time being=2E  The Crysta=
l Light is really good=2C especially with the ice-cold water now have =96=
 courtesy of the chest freezer the unit bought=2E  Someone actually put a=
 whole watermelon in the bottom to keep it cold =96 but I believe it has =
frozen=2E  The water does not freeze=2C unless left in for several days=2C=
 because of the 40 or so bottles in the freezer=2E  It sits right outside=
 the =93warrant ward=94=2C so it is very convenient=2E =

One of my pet peeves is the lack of attention to the green vegetation=2E =
 It makes me very sad that all the trees and flowers will probably die du=
e to lack of water=2E  When we arrived all was green=2C but now most of t=
he palm trees (some loaded with dates) are turning brown=2C along with th=
e locust trees=2E  The designers of the grounds provided lots of irrigati=
on ditches and berms=2C along with a water system - using lake water=2E  =
Unfortunately=2C very little of that is working and probably will not be =
repaired in time to save the vegetation -=3D a real loss for the place an=
d the future users=2E

My latest spiritual adventure has taken me to attend classes on the origi=
n and meaning of the Catholic mass =96 which in turn helps me better unde=
rstand the Lutheran mass=2E  The priest is originally from the Philippine=
s and is sometimes hard to understand=2E  We have met for the past three =
Thursdays from 7=3A30-9=3A00pm =96 right before I go to work=2E  We have =
covered the aspects of God=92s covenant with the Abraham in Genesis=2C th=
e various types of sacrifice and offering as described in Genesis =96 Lev=
iticus=2C and the role that sacrifice plays in the celebration of the mas=
s and of course how this all ties in to Christ=92s death on the cross=2E =
 Last week we ended with the start of the discussion of how the bread and=
 wine become the actual body and blood of Christ during the celebration o=
f the mass and how genuflection is only proper when the consecrated host =
is present in the sanctuary (when the sanctuary lamp is lit)=2E  There is=
 a lot more I could write about=2C but my fingers are getting tired at

 this point=2E

I have been receiving mail quite regularly and truly appreciate all the l=
etters and packages=2E  If I do not have your e-mail address=2C please se=
nd it to me at=3A
william=2Eschlegel=40us=2Earmy=2Emil=2E   I actually received a package t=
oday (June 30) that had been mailed on June 21 =96 a record for speed=2E

We are being told we might leave by  12/23/03=2C but I never believe anyt=
hing until it actually happens=2E  As always=2C I will let you know the d=
etails as soon as I do=2E

A friend of mine has designed a website where you can find pictures and o=
ther items of interest regarding my tour over here=2E  The address is=3A
http=3A//home=2Eearthlink=2Enet/=7Ewbsphotos/ I also recommend my HQ webs=
ite at http=3A//www=2Evcorps=2Earmy=2Emil/www/default=2Ehtm=2E

Well=2C that is all for now=2E   I still hope I=27m home by early January=
=2E  I want to go skiing in Cortina at the end of February and golf at My=
rtle Beach in mid-March (providing I=27m home from Italy in time)=2E  Als=
o please forward this to other people who might enjoy reading it=2E

>From the Palace=2C


CW4 Schlegel=2C William
V CORPS=2C 205th MI Bde=2C A Co/325th MI BN
APO=2C AE 09302-1382  =

PS=3A My only needs at this point is more Crystal Light - lemonade flavor=
=2C and red grapefruit are the only ones I=27ve tried - but I=27m sure ot=
her flavors are good too - it comes in little plastic containers which ea=
ch make 2 quarts=2E  also macadamia nuts or cashews and beef jerkey - Obe=
rto or Pacific gold=2E