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arjay Chat@charlesvillage.info
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 14:16:38 -0400


There is a "prospective garden spot" in my block that would be wonderful for 
donated plants.  I have thought of it before, and considered asking anyone 
digging up a plant to be discarded, to donate it to this spot, ...but alas, 
...there just ain't enough time to do all the nice things I would like to do.  
The spot is a plot of ground just beyond the sidewalk between 3118 & 3120 
North Calvert Street.  Please keep it in mind.  I don't believe it is exactly 
public, but it's pretty obvious that nobody gives a damn about it.  I'm sure I 
could arrange for the owners to cooperate with some planting.  There are 
several neighbors there who would willingly care for "our new little garden".

Regards, Arjay

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>Hey...has anybody checked out the new dessert cafe that is on the corner of 
33rd and Charles? If so, let me know so I can included something about it in 
the next Villager.
>Also...the garden club will be working with STreuver brothers to relocate 
plants, flowers, bushes to other parts of the neighborhood from St. Paul 
Street.  If you know of a public place near your house that needs a plant, let 
me know.  Anyone who
>gets a plant will be asked to water it and care for it during those critical 
weeks after transplant.
>The transplantation will occur on Saturday, September 20 so if you can help, 
say the word.  Dawna Cobb
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