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hi brad,
it appears as if u  mzy hzve contradicted yourself. u  state some people
only have e-mail and no access to the net.  then  u prpoceed to give the
web(internet)site for the city.  if people don't have access to the web in
order to access peabody hghts then they wouldn't have access to city sites
as well.

your friend  judy
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> Despite the good stuff on the PHA website, it is clear that the
"Peabodies" want people to go to the website, rather than publish the
details here on the discussion list, where everyone can benefit.  Some
readers of this list do not have access to the Internet, but merely have
e-mail accounts.  To me this is a subtle way of saying "we have what you
want", but we won't share it with you completely.
> The best place to find information about City Services is on the City
website.  This is the website for the recycling office:
http://www.baltimorecity.gov/government/dpw/recycle.html  You can download a
schedule from there as well.
endar4.pdf  For more information please call the Office of Education &
Enforcement at (410) 396-5916
> Brad Schlegel
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> > Christine:
> >
> > While there has been no official notice sent out by the City, this
> > serviceis usually accomplished in
> > October and it will be reported on the Peabody Heights web site.
> > If you
> > would review that site you
> > will note that we constantly update it to include important
> > announcementsfrom the city.  The site
> > address is:  www.peabodyheights.org.  We usually put this
> > information on
> > the crawler section or under
> > public notices.
> >
> > Christian
> >
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