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Linda told me some weeks ago that she did not know if she could continue to keep Sassafras open. The building has serious problems, and she apparently wasn't able to generate enough cash flow to make the gallery profitable. It is certainly a loss to the community to have the gallery shut down.


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> The Sassafras Gallery has an auction sign on it.  Has anybody
heard if it's closing?

I stopped by the Rite Aid on Greenmount earlier this week.
It just went through renovations.  It appeared to be primarily
new linoleum flooring; maybe an extra aisle was added since
they looked a bit closer together.  They added a refrigerator
section on the south wall.  Nothing startling, but I think
it's a good sign that the financially strapped Rite Aid
Corp. decided that it was worth investing in a renovation
for this location.  They must anticipate increasing business.

Did anybody see the 60 Minutes story on the Baltimore
Urban Debate League?  There's a brief mention on the
60 Minutes website at

http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/06/05/60minutes/main557188.shtml .


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