[Chat] Help with feral cats

Crystal Chat@charlesvillage.info
Thu, 19 Jun 2003 07:54:33 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Emily,

I'm swamped until July 4, but my brother has been
saying that he'd love to have a little orange cat(to
contrast with the black & multi-colored cats that we
have already). Are any of them orange?

Also, the Metro Cat Hospital off Reisterstown Rd in
Owings Mills seemed LOTS cheaper than others that I've
been to. It might be worth a call to get current
costs, in addition to the 20+ minute drive.

Good luck!


--- echalmers@mindspring.com wrote:
> Folks--
> A couple of us are planning to try to trap some
> young feral cats and kittens that are living in a
> colony behind the houses on Greenmount and 30th. I
> am looking for assistance.
> At least 6 unneutered cats are living in the colony.
> Because the cats are young, we would like to
> socialize them and find homes for them. The three or
> so smallest cats--around 3 months, maybe--are
> extremely pretty. The two older ones can be
> described as having character and will no doubt make
> terrific, smart companions. All are pretty shy of
> people but will come around us when we are feeding
> them.
> I've asked Cat Rescue of Maryland for help. They may
> be able to help with the trapping, but all their
> foster homes and the shelters are full because it is
> spring. So, here is what we need:
> --Several potential foster homes for 1 or 2 cats.
> The cats will have to be litter trained and can be
> crated for a time. Everyone who is suckered into
> helping will have to help look for permanent homes,
> of course.
> --Help figuring out how to pay for FIV/leukemia
> testing. Cats cannot be adopted out without these
> tests.
> --Help with the actual trapping. We will have to
> move the cats as soon as they are caught so that the
> rest of the colony doesn't see one of their own
> fighting a cage. 
> FYI, this colony is the one Vonnie and Cassandra
> have cared for for years. However, they have a new
> baby and not much time to spare right now. My
> understanding is that most of the older cats are
> fixed. Our concern is the younger ones, who seem to
> be multiplying daily.
> Many thanks. Please e-mail or call me if you can
> help.
> Emily
> (410-366-4094)

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