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Lisa Simeone Chat@charlesvillage.info
Mon, 23 Jun 2003 07:19:36 -0400

Um, it's called SUPERPOWER.  It's on cable in the Washington metropolitan
area, on satellite TV all over the country (including in Baltimore if you
have satellite TV), and on some public TV stations around the country (as
with all public TV programs, the individual stations make up their own minds
about what programs they will and will not carry.)




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Thought you all might be interested in hearing that our
neighbor Lisa Simeone hosts a weekly TV program called
"Superpower TV".  Unfortunately, it appears that we can't
get it here in Baltimore without satellite TV.  It also
broadcasts on WNVC Channel 56, but Comcast doesn't
carry that either.


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Yep.  Every week.

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on a completely different topic -- are you still co-hosting the
"Superpower TV" program?  I saw a web page about this and was

best wishes,


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