[Chat] Status Update from Kuwait

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Tue, 25 Mar 2003 11:29:02 +0300

=3CP=3E=3CB=3EBelieve it or not=2C we actually are having rain today!!=26=
nbsp=3B What a surprise here in the desert!!=3C/B=3E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3E=3CSTRONG=3EI will not be moving for at least a week -today we cle=
aned our tent (look like a large circus tent) of sand!!=26nbsp=3B =3C/STR=
=3CP=3E=3CSTRONG=3EWe are encouraged to dring at least 2 - 3 quarts of wa=
ter each day=2E=26nbsp=3B I bought a Camelback=2C which holds 2 liters=2C=
 that I wear on my back=2E=26nbsp=3B =3C/STRONG=3E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3EAfter I send this I will go back to the tent=2C clean my M16=2C an=
d get some rest=2E=26nbsp=3B We have nothing else to do today until 6pm=2E=
=3CP=3E=3CB=3E----- Original Message -----=3C/B=3E=3C/P=3E
=3CP=3E=3C/P=3E=3CB=3EFrom=3C/B=3E=3A Christine Gray =26lt=3BLangwidge=40=
=3CP=3E=3C/P=3E=3CB=3EDate=3C/B=3E=3A Tuesday=2C March 25=2C 2003 6=3A57 =
=3CP=3E=3C/P=3E=3CB=3ESubject=3C/B=3E=3A RE=3A =5BChat=5D Status Update f=
rom Kuwait
=3CP=3E=3C/P=3E=26gt=3B Brad=2C thank you so much for your updates=2E Ple=
ase keep =91me coming=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Christine Gray=
 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B -----Original Message----- =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B From=3A Chat-admin=40charlesvillage=2Einfo =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =5BChat=
-admin=40charlesvillage=2Einfo=5DOn Behalf Of =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B william=2E=
schlegel=40us=2Earmy=2Emil =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Sent=3A Monday=2C March 24=2C=
 2003 8=3A43 AM =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B To=3A AKO Address =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Subje=
ct=3A =5BChat=5D Status Update from Kuwait =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=
=3B I am finally here in the sandbox=2E We are now in a holding camp =3CB=
R=3E=26gt=3B south of =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Kuwait City=2E We got here about 1=
0=3A30pm last night=2E We had to =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B assemble Army =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B cots and set up our sleeping areas=2E It was cold! I tried to take =
=3CBR=3E=26gt=3B a shower =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B at 2=3A15am=2C but the showers=
 were already out of water=2E The tents =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B hold about =3CBR=
=3E=26gt=3B 80 people and have plywood floors=2E The sand is really dusty=
 and my =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B allergies are kicking in=2E Today we find out mo=
re about where we =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B will be =3CBR=3E
=26gt=3B working=2E We will probably move several more times=2E =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B I had a good breakfast this morning and am now usi=
ng a laptop that =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B a nice =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B person let me b=
orrow=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Brad =3CBR=3E=26nbsp=3B=3C/BOD=