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Thu, 27 Mar 2003 03:48:50 -0500

Brad, have you seen or had any contact with any Iraqis?

Maybe you can't say??


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The rain has now stopped and it has cooled down a bit.  I am now working at
my job and have a shift from 10pm to 10am.  I am now off, but using a
computer in the "office" where I work - a big tent-like contraption.
Imagine a round dome with attachments, inside several. strands of barbed
wire.  I am happy with this shift - it is cooler than in the day and I don't
even know it is night, when inside.

We will move locations in several weeks, but mail will still come.


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> Dear Brad,
> Thanks for your news. How did you fare in the
> sandstorm? I think of you often and send lots
> of "good vibes" your way.
> Affectionately,
> Jane Benson
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> today!!
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> >
> >Here is news from today!!
> >
> >Believe it or not, we actually are having rain
> today!!  What a surprise here in the desert!!
> >
> >I will not be moving for at least a week -today
> we cleaned our tent (look like a large circus
> tent) of sand!!
> >
> >We are encouraged to dring at least 2 - 3 quarts
> of water each day.  I bought a Camelback, which
> holds 2 liters, that I wear on my back.
> >
> >After I send this I will go back to the tent,
> clean my M16, and get some rest.  We have nothing
> else to do today until 6pm.
> >
> >Brad
> >
> >PS:  If you send me mail change the last four
> digits of the Zip to
> >1382

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