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Posted digest of several messages from various people.
Message from Ray Beckerman: DNC Election Protection lawyer: 
Important New Action for all people in Ohio, all people coming to Ohio for the Recount and for Demonstrations, and all people not yet planning to come to Ohio but who now have a great additional reason to come to Ohio: March Around the Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio, December 5th-13th, 7 AM-7 PM Every Day. Sign up Now!!!
A bit of editorializing from myself:  The 2004 election is NOT over. But time is short, and I am concerned about our focus and energies being dispersed in too many directions, and not being concentrated on the daunting yet historic task which confronts us : preventing a would-be dictator from illegally stealing (a) the presidency, and (b) our democracy, while the American press -- controlled by his cronies -- lay silent, keeping most of our countrymen ignorant of what has transpired. Hence, the following:

Make no mistake about it. The eyes of the World are upon Ohio. The People of Ohio were systematically and flagrantly disenfranchised. The Presidency of the United States, and the leadership of the 'free' world, hangs in the balance. Ohio is the single swing state in which (a) there are major litigations pending which, in a fair minded Court, will result in a reversal of the election results, (b) there is a mandatory recount pending which under the law must go forward and which is likely to result in the correction of thousands of "errors" systematically committed in Bush's favor, and (c) the number of electors is sufficient to give John Kerry a majority in the Electoral College.

Thousands of volunteers are needed in Ohio to assist the Green Party and the Libertarian Party with implementing the impending Recount, and tens of thousands of demonstrators are needed to assist the people of Ohio in calling the attention of the national media to the outrage that was committed against the courageous people of Ohio.

Therefore I urge everyone to stay focused on righting the wrong that was committed in Ohio, and on making our stand there. 

Generalized activities geared to long range election reform, or 'anti-inaugurals', are not going to do it, because if Bush is restored to the White House, making his kind of judicial appointments, and with right wing majorities in Congress, and no freedom to vote -- the thought of election reform will go absolutely nowhere; genuine national elections will have perished from the very nation that introduced them to the modern world. 
The 2004 election is NOT over; let's go to the inaugural ball, not the anti-inaugural protests. 

Although my calendar and  blog do mention events going on in other states, I urge everyone who is not in Ohio to make it his or her first priority to come to Ohio to participate in the protests and/or in the Recount. 

If you participate in events which are taking place in other states, I strongly urge you to focus the attention of the event towards the very provable Ohio election crimes, as the protestors in Rochester, N.Y., did today.

If we are going to prevail in this struggle against forces who would steal a second presidential election and convert our democracy into a dictatorship, we must focus our energies and attention, and not permit ourselves to be divided and scattered, and working at cross purposes, as the right wing would like us to be.

So keep your eye on the prize, which is nothing less than regaining our Freedom. And the road to Freedom runs right through the State of Ohio.

So if on any given day you find yourself unable to be in Ohio, but able to participate in one of the other activities, by all means do so, but try to call attention to what is going on in Ohio. 

And if you wish to contribute financially, I would suggest that you concentrate on the organizations that are doing important work on the ground in Ohio to make sure that every vote gets counted, such as C.A.S.E., the National Voting Rights Institute (NVRI), and the Green Party Recount. 

Sincerely yours,
Ray Beckerman

If you have not heard yet, Wayne Madsen is reporting that the election was bought and paid for. He has a copy of the check for 29.6 million. To read his reports go here:
here: http://www.onlinejournal.com/Special_Reports/112604Madsen/112604madsen.html
and here: http://www.onlinejournal.com/Special_Reports/120104Madsen/120104madsen.html
Excerpt: The use of foreign nationals as election machine technicians on Election Day has also been confirmed. Sources with details of the vote rigging stated that some foreign nationals were involved in the reprogramming of Diebold and other machines in the four key states of Florida, Ohio, Texas, and California. The technicians successfully padded votes in Ohio to ensure that state's 20 electoral votes went to the Bush column. In populous counties in Florida, Texas, and California, the vote padding ensured that Bush's nationwide popular vote margin was well in excess of 3 million votes, giving him 51 percent of the national vote over John Kerry. 
To hear an interview with Madsen on Pacifica radio go here:
Go about one third up the QuickTime bar to hear the interview with Wayne Madsen.
To hear an interview with Cliff Arnebeck, the lead attorney in the Ohio Contest of Election suit go here: http://www.pacifica.org/programs/election2004/20041128-HowTheOhioVoteWasRigged.html 
Fri Dec-03-04 04:53 PM
William Pitt

Contact info for C-SPAN. Please send this far and wide and far again. Thanks.

Any who wish to see this hearing receive wide attention should contact their Senators and Representatives and ask that they attend. 

Furthermore, any who wish to see this hearing receive wide attention should contact the television network C-SPAN and ask them to broadcast the event in its entirety. C-SPAN accepts suggestions for events to be broadcast at events at c-span.org . 

The network can also be contacted via telephone at (202) 737-3220. -

Conyers to Hold Hearings on Ohio Vote Fraud
By William Rivers Pitt 
t r u t h o u t | Report 

Friday 03 December 2004 

Democratic Representative John Conyers, Jr. of Michigan, ranking Minority member of the House Judiciary Committee, will hold a hearing on Wednesday 08 December 2004 to investigate allegations of vote fraud and irregularities in Ohio during the 2004 Presidential election. The hearing is slated to begin at 10:00 a.AM. EST in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington DC. 

Democratic Representatives Melvin Watt and Robert Scott will also be centrally involved with the hearing. Rev. Jesse Jackson will be in attendance, along with Ralph Neas (President, People for the American Way), Jon Greenbaum (Director, Voting Rights Project, Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights Under Law), Ellie Smeal (Executive Director, The Feminist Majority), Bob Fitrakis ( The Free Press), Cliff Arnebeck (Arnebeck Associates), John Bonifaz (General Counsel, National Voting Institute), Steve Rosenfeld (Producer, Air America Radio), and Shawnta Walcott (Communications Director, Zogby International). Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell has been invited to attend. 

The term ‘hearing’ is technically not accurate in this matter, as Conyers and his fellow Representatives will be holding this forum without the blessing of the Republican Majority leader of the Judiciary Committee. Staffers from the Minority office at the Judiciary Committee describe the event as a ‘Members Briefing.’ That having been said, this event will be a hearing by every meaningful definition of the word. Expert testimony will be offered, and a good deal of data on potential fraud previously unreported to the public will be discussed and examined at length. 

The hearing came together thanks to a confluence of events, and through the work of like-minded individuals who are deeply concerned about the allegations of vote fraud in the Ohio Presidential election. Tim Carpenter and Kevin Spidel, along with other members of Progressive Democrats of America, went to Washington DC to speak with the Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee about the need for an investigation into these allegations. They found Rep. Conyers, his fellow Judiciary Democrats, and their staffers already working on assembling such an investigation. 

The core of what Conyers and his fellow Minority members will be discussing at this hearing can be found in the letter, which was sent by the Minority office to Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell on 02 December. In the letter, Conyers, along with Reps. Watt, Nadler and Baldwin, outline a broad and detailed series of questions and concerns about the manner in which the Ohio election took place. 

For the full text of the Conyers letter... http://www.truthout.org/docs_04/120404W.shtml

Well worth reading. Conyers (and staff) is (are) AWESOME!


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