[Chat] Crime wave in Charles Village??

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Hi All,

I am not sure if this has been mentioned before but it
seemed SO important that I had bring it up (again??).

I have been hearing reports about NUMEROUS (at least 35
when I was told) break-ins in Charles Village recently and wanted
to verify this.  I know that this "crime wave" has been brought up at
one of the recent meetings but don't know which one (Benefits District
or one of the other ones, I don't keep track).  I'm surprised it wasn't
passed on to us.

So I checked out the online police stats and found the reports to
be true.  I checked from November 1to today and saw a whole bunch
of break-ins, "larceny from vehicles", and car thefts.

If you want to see these stats for yourself, go to:    (Baltimore police crime-site)
    Search by neighborhood
    Set Police District to "Northern district"
    Set Neighborhood to "Charles Village"
    Set a time period
        (note: you are restricted to a 2-week time period
                so if you want to see a long period of time, you
                have to do a bunch of searches)

I don't know about you but this is REALLY upsetting to me.  Are
we doing something about this?  From the posts I have read I understand
that we do have more police than usual.  But is there anything else we
can do?

If the Benefits District is aware of these stats, should we have been


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To all:

As you can see from the enclosed, crime still is rampant in our Northern
District area.
As we advised you earlier, we have joined forces with a coalition of
neighborhoods to
see if we can do something collectively which we do not appear to be able to


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--More news about break ins in Hampden

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Last week, someone broke into houses on 3900 Beech Avenue.
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>for your information.
>i guess the rug rats have the holiday spirit a little twisted....better
take than to give.
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>Between the hours of 8:48AM and 2:00PM today, someone kicked in the
door that had been deadbolted.  In a big hurry and a short period of
they stole cash and jewelry, leaving electronics, etc.  The items were
that would easily slip into pockets or small bags.  The police suspect
the person rang the doorbell, when no one answered it, they kicked the
door in
and carried on with the burglary.
>Please keep an eye out for suspicious characters in the neighborhood.
And if
there are incidents of any kind, PLEASE report it to the police so they
identify trends and deploy resources.  Someone may be working the
and we want to stop them as soon as possible.
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>corner of Keswick and 40th
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