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Charlene...that was our neighborhood civic association's meeting that had to be canceled becasue
of a glitch with the meeting place.  Bring your friend to the Charles Village Spaghettis Disco
at St. John's Church 27th and St. Paul for dancing and great food.  Doors open at 5:30 or so. Pick
up a Charles Villager newspaper at Eddies for details.  It is a rollicking good time.

Dawna Cobb

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<HTML><FONT FACE=arial,helvetica><HTML><FONT  SIZE=2 PTSIZE=10 FAMILY="FIXED" FACE="Courier New" LANG="0">thahnks for tips and info.<BR>
here in charls village for six mnths minimum.<BR>
with friend in mt vernon area am looking at apts there.<BR>
also reservior hill and fells point also.<BR>
corgi? breed? albert? cute. many dogs in charles village for surre!<BR>
what is civic assn that was candeled for Jan 28?<BR>
charlene ostrovsky "charsky"</FONT></HTML>

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