[Chat] getting to I-70

arjay arjay at bcpl.net
Mon Feb 2 13:56:12 SGT 2004


NW on University Parkway to Northern Parkway.
W on Northern Parkway past Pimlico Race Course to Liberty Road.
W on Liberty Road to 695 the Beltway.
S on 695 Beltway past Security Blvd. to 70W.
W on 70.



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>What is your favorite (?!) way of getting to I-70 from Charles Village?
>I've tried three different ways in the year that we've lived here, and
>I'm not thrilled with any of them.  Yesterday we took North Ave to
>Hilton Pkwy south to Edmondson, but parts of North Ave made me feel
>unsafe, especially if I were alone.  On our return route back into the
>city, we took 70 to the beltway south to 95 to 395, but that seemed very
>much out of the way. Your suggestions?
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