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Crystal cver1001 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 4 15:48:52 SGT 2004

"William P. Miller" <Wpmiller at greaterhomewood.org>

The Mayor helped get the State Board of Public Works
to delay reconstruction of this building located next
to Dallas Nicholas Elementary School. The State has
now given the Mayor 60-days to locate a more suitable
site. This Saturday will be day number 30 so the clock
is ticking fast!

We need to make sure that the relocation of the
city-wide Parole & Probation Office stays on the
Mayor's A list. To accomplish this, we are striving to
deliver 100+ e-mails to in the next 24 hours. Please
take a minute to help us.

The message can be simple. "The Parole & Probation
Office needs to be moved away from Dallas Nicholas
Elementary School so that the children are safe. The
revitalization of the Barclay and Old Goucher
communities will be seriously impacted if the office
is not moved because private investors will avoid the
area. We appreciate the initial support you have given
to this effort to move the Parole & Probation Office,
but time is short for the City to present a proposal
to the State. Your continued leadership is needed".

Whether you are a resident of the area, concerned
about the safety of children, or simply sick of seeing
abandoned buildings in the 2000 to 2200 blocks of
Calvert Street, please send an e-mail today to
mayor at baltimorecity.gov .

Feel free to spread the word. We need to bring the
priority back up to the top.

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