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Crystal cver1001 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 6 08:38:10 SGT 2004


In fact, I'm not saying NIMBY to the Parole &
Probation Center because it is not in my backyard. I
could easily say "It's not my problem; I don't care"
to the people who live right next to the current
center that did not want to see it expanded before,
that do not want to see it expanded further now, and
whose children have been accosted in their elementary
school nearby. However, as near neighbors, I and YOU
have been asked to help. If you don't wish to, that is
your choice, of course, but if you do, come to the
meeting tomorrow and the folks who are leading the
effort will tell us what they want us to do next,
since it's their neighborhood and they set the agenda.

According to them, people have been complaining about
the center for years, but nobody would listen. I only
became aware of the issue in January and, as I have
heard in the e-mails which I've received since
yesterday, there are several other suitable places to
house Parole and Probation which are not in anyone's
neighborhood, not near an elementary school, and on
major transportation lines. I don't know the addresses
of these locations right now, but I expect they will
tell us tomorrow.

See you there?



--- Charlene293 at aol.com wrote:
> crystal:
> arent you saying NIMBY to parole nad probation? your
> saying NIMBY nad then 
> sayig that everyone eles shoud not say NIMBY?
> are you BANANA? "build absolutely nothig anywher
> near anything"? 
> "charsky"

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