[Chat] My take on today's Parole & Probation Forum, plus Next Steps

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Sat Feb 7 10:42:35 SGT 2004


The Second Community Forum of the Barclay-Midway & Old
Goucher Coalition was very well attended, including
Del. Salima Marriott, City Councilman Jack Young, City
Council Candidate Mary Pat Clarke, and others. Connie
Ross, Jennifer Martin, Lisa Bleich and Sandra Coles
expressed sincere thanks for the outpouring of support
in recent weeks from everyone present and everyone who
has written letters, made phone calls, and signed

The community, as represented by all the folks who
attended (most of whom live in the immediate
vicinity), is united in opposing the location of
client Parole & Probation services next to the
elementary school. In addition, everyone wants
previously incarcerated people to get the help that
they need to successfully re-join the community, while
avoiding 1) endangering children, and 2) adversely
impacting the neighborhood. Further, no one wants to
foist the problems associated with the Parole &
Probation Offices on another community.

Considering these and other parameters (such as
adequate parking for employees and visitors), our
representatives have committed to working to find an
acceptable resolution, including making contact with
appropriate individuals in State and City government.

There are a whole bunch of different scenarios that
are being considered, including a site in which a
single story building may be demolished to make room
for a multi-story building with underground parking
and buffer zones with residential areas that may
include semi-industrial areas. Another scenario would
be to move Parole & Probation Administrative Offices
to 2100 Guilford, while moving client services to
another location with appropriate buffer zones.
However, there are only 30 days left on the extension
which was granted in January, so more pressure and
attention will be needed in the next few weeks.

Next Steps
1. Visit Senator Hughes Office.
2. Continue petitioning.
3. Attend the next Coalition Meeting on Monday Feb. 9
at 6 pm in the Ebeneezer Baptist Church.
4. Meet with Nancy Kopp, Treasurer of the State of

It is likely that a bus will be rented at some near
point to take a bunch of folks to Annapolis to speak
directly with our representatives.

Finally, ABC News Channel 2 was filming the Forum and
interviewing people, so you may see a bit on the news tonight.

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