[Chat] RE: [Discussion] NIMBY, please identify yourself!

Crystal cver1001 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 19 16:07:03 SGT 2004

Thanks Sarah, John, Kiko and Andre. I'm glad to know
that the vast majority of the people on the lists can
1) read, and 2) interpret what they read correctly. 

As it said, the message was "Posted on behalf of The
Barclay/Midway and Old Goucher Coalition." And, as
Kiko and Andre pointed out, historically HABC has not 
been a great neighbor.

Will you all be attending Saturday?

~ Crystal

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> The message was clearly marked in the header that it
> was from "Crystal."
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> People who post such a frantic notice should put
> their names on it. I
> assume this is from dere Crystal, with her NIMBY
> concerns and
> scaremongering ---- Boo! "HABC"!  Brrr and
> sshhiiivveerrss, "scattered
> site housing"! Horrors! "Huge impact"! Heavens! "The
> agenda is unknown"!
> ---- but her name is not affixed. Fess up, dere Yup,
> please identify
> yourself, and thank you.
> Gren Whitman
> Subj: [Discussion] Community meeting Saturday
> morning 
> Date: 2/19/04 3:45:16 AM Eastern Standard Time 
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> Sent from the Internet (Details) 
> Posted on behalf of The Barclay/Midway and Old
> Goucher
> Coalition:
> The Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) is
> sponsoring a community meeting Saturday, February
> 21st, at Dallas Nicholas Elementary School located
> at
> corner of Calvert and 21st Streets.  The meeting
> will
> take place from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.
> The Barclay/Midway and Old Goucher Coalition will
> attempt to present some information at the meeting
> but
> at this time the agenda of the meeting is unknown to
> the Coalition.  HABC has stated that the discussion
> of
> issues will be general and preliminary.  HABC has
> been
> planning to redevelop scattered site public housing
> units and other city owned property in the area.
> Because large part of Old Goucher is included in the
> redevelopment, HABC's plans could have a huge impact
> on our community's future.  The meeting should be
> interesting.

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