[Chat] Summer the music died

Crystal charlesvillager2002 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 08:35:35 SGT 2004

Where did you hear about it deBorah? I missed a few last summer, but the ones that I attended seemed well attended. Although, something seemed missing with respect to the businesses taking advantage of the sales opportunities of having a crowd assembled there. I'm not sure exactly what that would look like. Maybe a stand-up sign suggesting that folks pop into Eddie's to pick up an iced tea or something ...

Baneone at aol.com wrote:
I recently heard that there will not be anymore 3rd Fridays. Before any one blames anyone or even cares this is what I think. I think they are ending because the community does not support them. I don't know for sure if that is the reason. Its really to bad that we don't support local events or local shops ect. and yet we are getting more on 3200 block. thanks deBorah

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