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Thu Jul 1 23:27:56 EDT 2004


Let me butt in, ...please?, ...yes of course he (Kopel) is a cracked-pot, 
...because we are all also cracked-pots, ...except that we don't notice our 
own cracks, ...and do notice everyone else's cracks, ...we decide first based 
on "truths" (sic) [I learned this (sic) thing from "Whiplash"] in the media 
that are favorites, ...that validate our screwy ideas, ...then consume from 
only that diet, ...and then know "everything", ...and then feel obligated to 
"inform" others and "bring them up to date" with everything we "know"!

After all don't we all individually know what's really best in every regard?

I'm really quite tired of everyone trying to "sell" political ideas on our 
discussion list.  Why don't you tell a real person you know about how smart 
you are instead of trying to convince a bunch of more or less anonymous 
"cracked-pots" with no faces on the discussion list?  It's kind of like 
raising hell with the rear view mirror in the car on the way to work in the 
morning instead of raising hell with the boss in person!

I really don't care to hear your screwy ideas, ...I have enough of my own 
already to figure out!  Leave me alone!

Would anyone really take voting suggestions from any of the "cracked-pots" on 
our discussion list?  Isn't everyone we have heard from on the discussion a 
little weird in some respect (from our own perspective that is)?

Of course they are, ...and occasionally I'm even willing to realize that I'm 
weird also!  They're my own cracks!


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>Dale, I've never heard of Dave Kopel.
>Is he a crackpot?
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>On Jul 1, 2004, at 9:06 PM, Christine Gray wrote:
>> http://www.davekopel.com/Terror/Fiftysix-Deceits-in-Fahrenheit-911.htm
>Another Dave Kopel pursuit of self-validation.
>Michael Moore left out a LOT of info, but the content he chose to put
>into his film cut straight to the point. There are tons of related
>tangents and sub-plots he could have followed, but in the 122 minutes
>he limited himself to, he chose wisely.
>Who cares what the "FLORIDA VICTORY" sign in back of Gore in the
>opening scene implied. It was there. It was real. It's a sign that any
>candidate would have up to rally the supporters.
>Who cares about David Kopel trying to invalidate Moore's critique of
>Bush's inaction in the minutes after 9am on 9/11 ... by including the
>opinion of some school teacher? If I were Bush, having already been
>told one plane had hit the towers, and then another followed, I would
>have excused myself politely but purposefully from the children and
>gotten on the matter. This in-the-moment image-making is high
>school-level stupidity.
>In David's other rebuttals, he throws them out as-is without any
>tangible bibliography.
>"Moore is wrong because so-and-so said this to the contrary." Well,
>that's great. How are we supposed to know so-and-so actually said that.
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