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Hi All,

I just volunteered to host the block party this year on my block.  See the email below if anyone else is interested in
hosting a block party...


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Dear Neighbors:


It's time to prepare for the August National Night Out Against Crime - with some traditional iced tea, lemonade, a grill  and other things to share. Will you help host a block party this year? Please e-mail if you can help with this.

Johns Hopkins is helping by supplying light bulbs for porches [see below] - let's not let crime flourish in the dark! 

-- Sheila
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  To all:

  As you might know, the National Night Out Against Crime will be on August
  3rd this year. Some groups like to go to their neighbors and offer to
  replace burnt out porch lights as part of the National Night Out
  festivities. Johns Hopkins has offered to supply a number of light bulbs to
  aid in this type of project. If your group, or any group in the area you
  might know of, would like to participate in something like this, let me know
  and I will start a list. We will probably need to get it to JHU by the end
  of the week, so let me know.

  Wesley Tolbert
  Director of Field Operations
  Charles Village Community Benefits District
  2301 North Charles Street
  Baltimore, Maryland 21218
  Telephone: 410-235-4411 x 18
  Email: safety at charlesvillage.org

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