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Kathleen, to add to your note, CV's Duff Goldman, owner of Charm City Cakes,
will play the mayor of Baltimore in the drama.

Christine Gray

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Did you miss the Circus themed, French inspired, synchronized swimming
extravaganza that was Cirque de L'Amour in 2001?

How about 1001 Freudian Nights, Freud's biography as told through
belly-dance in Winter 2003?

We didn't and you can be sure Emil and I will be seeing
Fluid Movement's


August 5, 6 & 7

8:00 pm

 Patterson Park
 (Enter the park at East Lombard St. &
 S. Patterson Park Ave.)

Tickets are $6
available at the performances


 The secret love affair of wind and fire

 Learn why dynamite is not a fire retardant

 Hunky dancing firemen with hoses of different sizes

 It's fun! It's fiery! And it's educational!

Fluid Movement heats up the 100th anniversary year of the Baltimore Fire,
recasting the conflagration as a funktastic flamenco-flavored fantasy. Our
very historical version of the famous blaze features flamencoing flames,
tangoing dancers with fans of fire, wee waterdrops from the Baltimore City
Carrera Program, and Fluid Movement's trademark campy fun.

 More info: 443-742-4942

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