[Chat] The new Waverly Crossing Giant

Stephen J Gewirtz gewirtz at bellatlantic.net
Tue Jul 27 00:31:18 EDT 2004

Now that I have finally had a chance to visit the new supermarket, I am 
mystified about how it was described as having narrow aisles.  What I 
saw were very roomy aisles, especially compared to the Rotunda or to 
Safeway or to either Whole Foods Market in Baltimore City.  As to 
prices, I am one who usually stocks up at Giant on come-ons I use 
regularly, and I only buy other things I absolutely need (frequently 
bananas, soy milk, lower sodium tomato juice, cat food and cat litter).  
The come-ons were well priced, and the rest was the usual Giant -- 
nothing spectacular, but prices are not bad either.

I should note that I am one who likes to cook and who usually shops for 
food at three places: the Waverly Farmers' Market, Giant, and Whole 
Foods Market.  Because the new Giant is bigger than the one at the 
Rotunda, it carries some of the things that I otherwise would buy at 
Whole Foods, but there still is a lot that I will not find at Giant.  
Muir Glen organic canned tomatoes were on sale at the new Giant for less 
that I would pay at Whole Foods, and I have never seen them at the 
Rotunda Giant.  In general, the new Giant has more organic products than 
the Rotunda Giant; also, it carries King Arthur flour (all purpose and 
bread flour, but not whole wheat -- all great if you like to bake bread 
and don't mind paying for quality) which you can get at Whole Foods or 
at larger Giant stores or by mail order from Vermont but not at the 
Rotunda Giant.  The produce at the Waverly Crossing Giant looked to be 
fairly good, but I still like the Farmers' Market and Whole Foods.  I 
did not take a look at the meat or poultry since I buy it rarely and 
only organic free ranging.  The breakfast cereals I like are available 
only at Whole Foods; I looked for them at the new Giant and did not find 

Yes, you can buy a cart for $25 plus sales tax, and I got one even 
though my backpack generally has sufficed in the past for shopping at 
the Rotunda.  It is nice to walk only 10 minutes instead of 30, but it 
is still about a 75 minute walk to Whole Foods in Little Italy to get 
items that Giant does not carry (worth the time for me, but I am retired).

So in my view, the new Giant  is an improvement over the one at the 
Rotunda, and I will undoubtedly buy quite a bit there.  It is not the 
largest Giant store I have seen, but the larger Giant stores have no 
more of the things I am interested in buying.  Checkout seemed to be 
much quicker than at the Rotunda.  It still will take me a while to 
learn where things are there, but I made a good start today.


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