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Ruben Radding (bass) free music

Red Room Saturday, 6/4/05, 8:30, $6

Freely improvised music with: 

Carrie Shull (double reeds)

Tara Flandreau (viola)

Ruben Radding (bass)

The Red Room hosts a night of improvised music with three great players
drawn from across the country. Carrie Shull is a double reed player from
Greenboro who improvises and has rubbed metaphorical shoulders with the like
of Eugene Chadbourne and Eric Satie. Tara Flandreau is a bay area viola
improvisor whose plays with a ton of great musicians including Joel Leandre.
Rubben Radding, a frequent collaborator of saxophonist Jack Wright, is a
bassist from NYC with great intensity and subtely, and a mainstay of the new
generation of players there.

Its unusual instrumentation, but more importantly, some great musical minds
coming together. 

We expect nothing but great things from this group. Come to the Red Room and
have your socks knocked off in what will be a delightful and
thought-provoking concert. 

at The Red Room
c/o. Normals Books and Records
25 E. 31st Street


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