[Chat] new list policy to reduce spam

Emil Volcheck volcheck at acm.org
Sat Jun 4 14:29:33 EDT 2005

Dear readers of the Discussion and Chat Lists, and to our
friends at ACORN and the VLP,

I've made a change to how the CharlesVillage.info mailing
lists operate, and I posted the following notice on the
website today:

Due to the relentless flow of spam to CharlesVillage.info mailing
lists, I am now automatically rejecting all postings by non-members.
If you are a member and wish to post from an email address different
from that which you are subscribed to, please go to the list webpage
and subscribe under this new address.  You can configure your list
preferences so that the new address will not receive messages, but you
will still be able to post from that address.  If you represent an
organization that wishes to disseminate information through a
CharlesVillage.info mailing but are not subscribed to any lists,
please find a member other than myself who will make the posting on
your behalf, or become a member of the list.

I've held out the unrealistic hope that I could screen postings
from non-members and approve appropriate ones, however for every
appropriate posting, I receive easily over a hundred spam emails.
As the spam has gotten worse, I have kept putting off reviewing
the list of messages held for moderation.  The net effect is
that when a list member has a posting held for different reasons,
I tend not to see it until quite a bit later.  By making this
change, I will be throwing out some good postings to the list,
but overall I believe this will help me administer the lists
much more efficiently.



Emil Volcheck
volcheck at acm.org

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