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Christine, I personally am enraged. The outage affects several streets--including St. Paul--south of 28th. I'm not sure if affects some areas of Harwood, as well. I wonder if anyone at BGE realizes how hot these rowhouses get.  Here are some of the people who would be affected:

Next door to me are an elderly disabled couple. The man can barely get down the stairs, and the wife has a heart condition. 

Across the street is a woman with 4 small children. Down the street is a group home that relies on an elevator to get residents in and out of the dwelling.

The inconvenience to me is nothing compared to the danger a 30-hour outage poses to these folks. I have enough money to take my cats and go stay in a pet-friendly motel. However, I feel like suing BGE, but you can't sure people just for being jerks.

If you are affected by the outage, please call both BGE and the Public Service Commission, which is responsible for overseeing public utilities. I talked with them about the last outage, which thankfully was cancelled because of rain and rescheduled for a later date. But it was only a few hours, and the weather was not hot then.

NB, in my increasingly long life I have lived in many places around the world. Nowhere other than Baltimore have a ever heard of a "planned power outage," and never have I been asked to go for 30 hours without power except during an emergency when power was interrupted. What do other people think?

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Dan, sorry, it’s next sat, June 25.

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Is there a Planned Outage Job Number on the card?
I did not get one in the 3000 block of Calvert.
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I assume everyone else got a notice from BGE about the 30-hour outage this weekend. 
 Yes, that was 30 hours that we will not have power, from 1:00 a.m. Saturday on.
Does this not seem like an unusually long time to go without power?
That means no air-conditioning, laundry, refrigeration, computers, television, etc. etc. 
I’m curious as to whether anyone else is ruffled by this outage.
Christine gray

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