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I don't mean to be testy, but we are NOT a developing country. The
comparison doesn't work. And what precisely do you propose my disabled
neighbor do when the temperature in the upstairs of his rowhouse where he
is currently confined rises above 90 degrees and he can't even plug in a
fan? Go sit on the curb?

We had a power outage in this grid about 3 months ago. At this point, I am
interested to see a breakdown of BGE outages by grid and to find out when
and how BGE determined where points requiring "major" servicing would be

I personally am NOT grateful for BGE. BGE and Verizon are the two best
excuses for deregulation I have ever seen, and generally I am opposed to
deregulation. I have managed to end all contact with Verizon, but thus far
I have been unable to generate my own electricity.

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> I think we should all be thankful for what we have. And at least we have 
> notice. Like Steve said, the outage is probably to accommodate the new
> line that is to run across 27th Street or some other capital project.
> While I was traveling in Costa Rica in 1993 the town of Cahuita had a 5
> power outage one evening. The town had been wired for electricity just
> years earlier. While the kids were upset at the lack of music and cable 
> television, the elders sat on their porches reminiscing about the good
> days.
> >What do other people think?
> John
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