[Chat] BGE outage

Emily Chalmers echalmers at mindspring.com
Fri Jun 17 13:10:01 EDT 2005

BGE made a mistake in its original letter and says it is sending new ones.

Everyone who is affected will receive a letter. If you don't receive one, you're OK. My grid seems to end at 28th and to run from at least St. Paul over into Harwood.

I wouldn't mind living without BGE in a hospitable climate where I was set up to do so. I too get tired of the constant noise pollution. I have a neighbor who power washes her house every weekend and sometimes on week nights. 

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Don do you know who this will effect? I will have to get ice for my champagne. But seriously I want to prepare for it so what little I have in the frig. can be put on ice. Thanks deBorah 
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