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If the dog is limping, it should be seen by a vet. If the people who have it can foster it, they could work with this group to find it a good "forever" home. In any case, they should call and explain that they found an injured dog. Please give me a call, or have them give me a call, so that I can give them the number.



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Emily, thank you!  The dog has been staying at the Lévesques’’ house, which is at 2718 north Calvert.
I’ll let them know.

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If you need help with the dog, please give me a call. A woman who lives across the street from me works with a rescue group that takes in lots of dogs--they're great people and I'm sure would be willing to help.

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A black and white spotted dog was found yesterday at the corner of 27th and Calvert.
It has been hit by a car.  It’s limping a little but seems to be OK.
It has a smooth coat and seems to be a Jack Russell mix.
It has a woven cloth collar with lots of colors.
It has been well cared for.
It is at a house in the middle of the 2700 block of Calvert.
Please let me know if you know whose dog this is.
I heard that its owner had to move and gave it to someone in the neighborhood.
Christine Gray 
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