[Chat] Crime on Guilford

Greg Alexander ugagrad93 at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 17:09:34 EDT 2007

Just a reminder to keep your eyes open, especially this time of year.  My neighbor across the
street (2600 block of Guilford) was broken into this afternoon.  Ironically, I noticed a guy
hanging out on their porch this morning and when I asked him who he was looking for and what he
was up to, he left.  I kept an eye on their house today, but apparently, he returned a few hours
later and broke in their back door.  He took some DVDs, CDs, cell phones, and some other items.  I
only wish I would have called the cops this morning but when he left, I thought it was OK.  My
neighbor did call the police who is there now taking fingerprints and taking a report (I went over
to give the description I had).  Hopefully, they'll catch him.  Luckily, the convenience store
owner on 27th also saw him and thinks she knows him.


Greg Alexander
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