[Chat] Copy Cat for copies

Kathleen Wilsbach kwilsbach at speakeasy.net
Wed May 2 01:15:02 EDT 2007

Dear Fellow villagers,

This past weekend, I needed a large number of copies for
a vet conference at the convention center.  My rabbit
organization had a booth.  I haven't had copies made
in a while and was surprised how expensive it has gotten.
I called around to comparison shop and was surprised
that Copy Cat offered me the best price.  I assumed
the smaller business wouldn't have a competitive price.
WRONG!  Kinko's was $.08 for self serve and $.09 for
full service. Staples was the same as Kinkos. Office Depot
was $.01 less.  Copy Cat was $.06 for my large order and
that was full service. I saved time and money and kept the
money I spent in CV.  Also service was speedy, friendly
and personal.

I also had brochures printed at Graphic Imaging and was
pleased with their service as well.  And printing turned
out to be even cheaper than copying!  I never would have
guessed that.


Kathleen Wilsbach
kwilsbach at mac.com

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