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Wed May 9 12:11:31 EDT 2007

Unusual for motorists to stop. Sounds like the teens ran when this  
happened. Judy

On May 7, 2007, at 12:57 PM, Stephen J Gewirtz wrote:

>  Katie wrote:This is a report from one of our residents that she asked  
> me to pass on to all of you.
>> On Thursday, 4/26/07,around 8pm, my husband was walking west on 25th  
>> St. Four teenage boys started following him.  When he was by the  
>> Hollywood Video, two of them approached him from behind asking for a  
>> cigarette.  He was aware they were following him,  
>> and feeling threatened put his back against the building so they  
>> couldn't get behind him.  The two who were behind came up and the  
>> four of them asked for money.  Unsure what to do, he blustered.  One  
>> hit him on the side of his head with his fist, another swung at him  
>> with the stick he was carrying.  At that point a motorist stopped and  
>> asked my husband if he needed any help.  The four teens ran, and he  
>> came home.  We called the police to make a report.  They took the  
>> information and told us they were going to drive around the area  
>> looking for the teens.   We made the report thinking that these boys  
>> were out looking for trouble, and were probably going to harass  
>> someone else.
>> Katie Beltz
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