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In the meantime?????


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> Neighbors:
>  The only thing that will work is for us to stop using our cars.  
> Switch to public transportation.  If we had supported Jimmy Carter 
> when he wanted to improve nationwide mass transportation in the late 
> '70's (one of the reasons Reagan got elected with the help of the 
> automobile and oil contributions) we would not be in the predicament 
> we are now.
>  I have been using mass transportation and my feet since the first of 
> the year and it is perfectly doable.  If we all did that the powers 
> that be would notice and things would change.  But as long as 
> Americans continue their obsession with living in the suburbs and 
> shopping at malls with franchises, we will continue to be at the mercy 
> of the oil, gas and automobile manufacturers.
>  I am thinking of starting a group to promote leaving our cars behind 
> with an emphasis on pedestrian safety. Does anyone know of an effort 
> that exists already?
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