[Chat] roofer needed

Kathleen Wilsbach kwilsbach at mac.com
Fri May 18 12:39:00 EDT 2007

James McDonald also has been our roofer.  When we bought
the house in 2000, the sellers had to put on a new roof
and that is who they chose.  So when it came time for the
three year re-coat, we went with the same so there wouldn't
be any trouble with the warranty.  So, his company has recoated
for us twice and I've been satisfied with their work.  We had
the silver coating put on two times ago.  I also looked out of
curiosity and they got a good rating on Angie's List.

My one complaint is poor communication.  I got a post card
in the mail letting me know it was time for a recoating.
I called to schedule and got an answering machine.  I left
a message.  No response.  I called back a month later and
someone answered the phone and told me that I was close
to the top of the list.  Then about a week or two later,
they just showed up on Friday.  They didn't ring the bell
or anything.  I just opened my blinds and there was this
guy on my second story deck with a ladder.

I reminded them that we were having a problem with the front
porch ceiling leaking in heavy rain.  The guy said they'd
take extra care.  Around 3 PM, they disappeared without
a word.  They had done the top and the back roof over
the second story but not the front.  I called, got the
answering machine.  Called again on Monday and the person
on the phone said they were coming back to do the front.
They did come back the next week and did the front, but
again, no notice, didn't ring the bell to let me know.
They just appeared and then disappeared.  The office
then sent us the bill in the mail.

So, in my experience, roofing good.  Talking about roofing,
not so good.

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