[Chat] roofer needed

Christine Gray langwidge at erols.com
Fri May 18 15:17:45 EDT 2007

Thank you all so much!!

James was just here and checked the roof.  He is apparently very busy but
will be working on my roof.

Kathleen, thank you for the heads up on phone skills.

Again, thank you


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I also highly recommend James.  He's very reliable and
prompt (he's done work for me on the same day that I
called him to get an estimate).  Hopefully this goes
through--I tried responding directly to Christine's
post earlier and it got bounced back to me.

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If looking for a roofer you must contact James
McDonald for an 
estimate.  He 
does patching as well as new roofs so if you don't
need a whole new 
roof he 
won't try to sell you one.  Also, he knows old houses
especially those 
Charles Village.  He has worked on my house on two
occasions: once a 
patch job and 
once a new roof, which he is currently doing so you
can check out his 
work at 
my house today and tomorrow.  Not only is he doing the
roof for a 
price but he is also replacing old rooting wood in the
front fascia 
which was 
caused by faulty front guttering. This is a chronic
problem I have had 
over the 
22 years I have owned the house and I have always had
to replace the 
before I could have my house painted.  He is
completely replacing the 
guttering system so that the rotting wood problem
should not happen 
again.  He is 
also replacing rotted wood in the back of the house
under the roof 
where it has 
sagged because of faulty guttering in the back.  He is
putting in a 
gutter to catch the rain when it falls so it won't run
off the back of 
my house. 
I wish I had found him years ago.  I highly recommend
him.  I compared 
him to 
2 other roofers and there was not comparison in the
price or degree of 
knowledge about the guttering and the wood
replacement.  The other 
roofers are 
just roofers and the home improvement guys aren't that
good on roofs.  
knows them both. He also advertises in the Charles
Villager and we 
support those vendors who support the neighborhood. 
He can be reached 
443-538-2104 and please tell him that I referred you.

Sharon L. Guida
2746 Maryland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218
410-889-0436 (home)
410-467-4409 (work)
410-467-4410 (work fax)
410-960-1139 (cell)
SLG2700 at cs.com   

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