[Chat] found black cat on 2600 blk N. Hunter

Kathleen Wilsbach kwilsbach at speakeasy.net
Sat May 26 00:14:15 EDT 2007

>For the past two evenings we've had a visotor...  a nice,
>starving, small black female cat with a distinctive light
>spot near the tail.  She is or was someone's pet --
>she has a collar (with no information) on, and loves to
>approach people and be pet.  She has had her claws removed
>-- a sure sign she was never meant to be outside.
>You can see a picture of her here:
>If any of you know anything about this cat, please let me know.

Is that a pink elastic collar?  I'm asking because the SPCA
uses those (blue for males and pink for females) and I think
a free collar comes with your adopted cat.  The SPCA used to
tattoo animals on the inside of their thigh with a number
but they might have switched to a microchip.  You can take
the cat to almost any vet or shelter to have her scanned for
a microchip.

You can post a found cat on the SPCA website.

There are other more global sites like:

-Kathleen Wilsbach

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