[Chat] $5 Community Yoga 10 series Class Starting Sept. 1st 2008 at 2640 St. Paul!!!!

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Tue Aug 12 12:55:46 EDT 2008

Hello Everyone in Charles Village
  My name is Regina and I live on 27th and Calvert St.  I have been offering a series of Community Yoga classes for the last year.  Our new session is starting Sept. 1st 2008.  I mainly teach early bird classes, but this session we are adding a Mindful Hooping class Monday nights. And a 7am yoga class on Friday, Taught by a teacher in training.  Her name is Stephanie Snyder and she is very eager to share her yoga practice with the community as she learns how to teach.  Check out the website and please call me (Regina) with any questions (614-205-7663).  If you would like to be on my email list and find out more about yoga in your area, please email me a personal request.  I have attached a flyer so you can share this information with someone in your life.  Please feel free to download the flyers and put them up on a bulletin board at work or a place that you think people would appreciate affordable yoga classes.
Thank you!
Have a beautiful day,

Community Yoga
Starting Sept 1st -Nov7th
St. Johns Church
(at E. 27TH ST.)

Weekly Schedule

7:00AM-8:30AM (Anusara Inspired Yoga Level I Beginner with Regina)
Special New Class  
8:30PM-9:30PM (Mindful Hooping with Regina and Noelle)      
This Class only ($12 rate with 6 class series 
Starts Sept 1st -Oct 6th Hoops available for purchase or $2 rental

7:00AM-8:30AM (Anusara Inspired Yoga Level I-II with Regina)
	*Must have taken a Level I class or some Anusara experience.

7:00AM-8:30AM (Beginner Basics with Stephanie)
9:00AM-10:15AM (Fusion Flow: Belly Dance, Asana, Hoops                    All Levels with Regina)

$5.00/rate per class with 10 CLASS SERIES purchase
$7.00/DROP IN

For more Information:
Web www.yogaonwheels.org 
*Email yogaonwheels at yahoo.com 
*Myspace www.myspace.com/yogaonwheels 


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> Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are selling
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> and since we are doing "local pick up only," I
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> the large dresser and hutch; you can find the other items
> from there:
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