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WeinsteinM at aol.com WeinsteinM at aol.com
Thu Aug 21 01:35:31 EDT 2008

You should report this to Mary Pat Clarke.   She's good at holding city 
agencies accountable in situations like this. 

Mary Pat Clarke
 14th District, Baltimore City Council
 550 City Hall
 100 North Holliday Street 21202
 410-396-4814 (o)   545-7585 fax 
 marypat.clarke at baltimorecity.gov
 Staff: Susie Lang, Cindy Leahy, Divya Potdar

In a message dated 8/21/08 1:27:17 AM, druben2 at hotmail.com writes:

> At 1:30am Wednesday night the Water Department of the City of Baltimore 
> started jackhammering outside my window at 3045 Guilford. The leak in the water 
> main had been observed and reported over 30 hours before this and no one came 
> out. I called the non-emergency police and they would do nothing. They said 
> it was an emergency. No one came when it was called in so it wasn't 
> considered an emergency at the time and they had all day on Wednesday to address the 
> problem during daylight hours and no one was here. A complaint tomorrow is not 
> going to help me get any sleep tonight. Is there nothing we can do? 
> Sleepless in Baltimore, David O'Donaghue

From: druben2 at hotmail.com
To: chat at charlesvillage.info
Subject: fire at 3034 Gulford
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 08:51:43 +0000

The big news is the fire that broke out on the third floor of the house at 
3034 Guilford at a little before 4 am on June 29th. Does anyone have any 
information on what started the fire? It was in the apartment which as been blasting 
music out of it for the past few days. I thought it was under renovation and 
that the music came from workmen there. There were seven firetrucks here and I 
got to meet some more of my neighbors. David O'Donaghue


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