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Hi Neighbors,
I want to differ. Most businesses that I talk with are down 30 to 60%.  
Expenses are up drastically, and sales are down considerably. The economy  SUCKS! 
Many small businesses are considering themselves lucky if they are  breaking 
even; but most are losing money, dipping into personal savings, maxing  out 
credit cards, insurance policies, etc.
Yesterday I spoke with my accountant, lawyer and banker. Everyone stated  
that many of their business clients are experiencing hardship.
With my company Graphic Imaging, business this year has been tough. We are  
hoping that September will bring opportunities, but there are no  guarantees.
One thing that you can do to help, is to BUY LOCAL. Independent businesses  
are experiencing tough times. For example, many people are making off  shore 
companies Multi-Multi-Millionaires by using the Internet. For  example: Vista 
Print had sales of $408,000,000 as of July 08'. Most people are  not aware of 
how companies like this are affecting the local economy here in the  USA. Most 
of the orders that they receive are under $100.00, but larger orders  are 
leaving the country as well. Do your self a favor and check out the BBB  (Better 
Business Bureau) to see how ethical (or un-ethical) a company is that  you are 
making a purchase from.
For more information about BUY LOCAL, please go to 
_www.buylocalbaltimore.com_ (http://www.buylocalbaltimore.com) . There is  a preferred list of local 
companies on this local site for you to work with,  that would appreciate your 
Thank You:
Richard Burnham  

Graphic Imaging, inc.
Digital Printing, Copying, Wide  Format & Graphic Solutions
Better Business Bureau  Accredited
Family Owned & Operated

107 East 25th Street
Baltimore, MD  21218
(P) 410-467-7071
(F) 410-3366-6866
(EM)  Print at Graphic-Imaging-Inc.com

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