[Chat] Titanic survivor a native Charles Villager!

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Fri Feb 1 15:30:51 EST 2008

Greg and I are finishing up the research and writing of our Charles Village  
history tome, and its taken us longer than we expect...simply due to the 
amazing  amount of history to be gleaned within our borders.  
We have just confirmed that a native of Charles Village did indeed survive  
the Titanic disaster, along with her husband, two children, and a  maid.  Its 
quite a story, and I'll keep it a secret until the book  comes out later this 
Paul K.  Williams
Kelsey & Associates, Inc. 
1929 13th Street,  NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 213-9796
_WashingtonHistory.com_ (http://washingtonhistory.com/) 

2629  Guilford Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218
_BaltimoreMarylandHistory.com_ (http://baltimoremarylandhistory.com/) 

New!  _NYCityHistory.com_ (http://nycityhistory.com/) 

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