[Chat] suspicious "security salesman" sighted

Emil Volcheck volcheck at acm.org
Fri May 9 22:35:37 EDT 2008

[Tweefie asked me to forward this.  Steve Gewirtz also encountered
this character.  --Emil]

Earlier this evening, (Fri)  Judy Berlin encountered a young man with
a clip board
who identified himself as being from Honeywell, (and the name Apex was
mentioned also)
he claimed to be taking down addresses for the purpose of addressing
home security.

Later that same evening the same man came and knocked on my door - at 8:30 pm -
and showed me some kind of ID  - (it was too dark for me to see, and I
didnt open my storm door) He gave me the same line about
honeywell/apex security systems.
I told him I had everything I needed, and he wandered off down the street.

Judy and I called the police, who couldnt do much - but the officer
did set off to look for the gentleman.

The man in question is a clean cut caucasian, mid 20's or so - small
to medium build,
dark hair - He was wearing a tan windbreaker type jacket, and a blue
baseball cap.
He was wearing an ID on a chain around his neck.

Not sure what his game is, but it cant be good.  Even if he really is
trying to sell security systems, a reliable and reputable company isnt
going to send some guy out door to door
at night.  Be careful.

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