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Sun Dec 6 00:52:13 EST 2009

Dear Neighbors:

This email is intended to reach interested residents and property owners 
who are interested in the planned conversion of 2741 St. Paul Street from 3 to 
4 units with the 4th unit being in the basement.  There is a zoning hearing 
set for Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 3 p.m., at the Board of Municipal and 
Zoning Appeals for Baltimore City, City Hall.  Any interested persons can 
attend the hearing and/or send letters in support or opposition to the appeal.  
You should address your letters to:

David Tanner, Executive Director 
Board of Municipal Zoning Appeals 
417 East Fayette Street, Room 4132 
Baltimore, MD 21202 

and be sure to include the Appeal No., property address, and hearing date 
in your subject line.

Residents should send the original by mail, a copy by email to 
david.tanner at baltimorecity.gov with a copy to me so that we can have them in our file 
when we appear before the Board. The BMZA's phone number is 410-396-4301. All 
of this info can also be found at 
http://baltimorecity.gov/government/zoning/ along with the hearing dockets.

It is also important for the residents opposing the appeal to show up at 
the hearing itself. The presence of the opposition carries much weight with 
the BMZA. If no residents appear or send letters in opposition the CVCA will 
be unable to appeal an unfavorable ruling because only an adjacent resident 
has standing to appeal.

The CVCA Land Use Committee has recommended to that the CVCA Board send a 
letter to the BMZA opposing the appeal, and the Board vote is pending.  If 
you are interested in the reasons for the Committee's recommendation, contact 
me and I will share them with you.  For the sake of brevity, I have not 
included them here.

So far, 7 residents from 4 separate nearby addresses have opposed the 
conversion and sent letters to the BMZA.  

This case is basically identical to Zoning Appeal 246-09: 2927 St. Paul 
Street from April 2009 where we strongly opposed the applicant's planned 
conversion of a 3 dwelling unit into a 4 dwelling unit and the BMZA denied the 
applicant's appeal.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Sharon L. Guida, Chair, CVCA Land Use Committee
2746 Maryland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218
410-889-0436 (home)
410-467-4409 (work)
410-467-4410 (work fax)
410-960-1139 (cell)
SLG2700 at cs.com 
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