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Today my mother called me because a Police officer  went to our house to drop off an open package that was addressed to her. 
He asked if she knew what the contents of the box was and what should be in the box, and if she was expecting a delivery.
She only told him that hse was expecting a box from her cousin, with candy and come caribbien spices. He went tot he trunk of his vehicle (According to her the vehicle was a police car but does not remember if was a city police car or county or state) She says he was wearing a uniform. 
He asked her for her name and birth date. (I find that rather odd) 
He gave her the package and then left telling her that he would return at 1pm to get a report.
I may be paraniod but this sets off my "Spider senses" on many levels. 1) why would a cop just drop off the package? 2) why did he only ask for her name and age?
I plan on staying home tomorrow to see if this "cop" returns. 
Any ideas? Suggestions? Theories? 
I would appreciate any and all input

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