[Chat] furniture repair recommendation

Emil Volcheck volcheck at acm.org
Wed Jun 17 23:55:56 EDT 2009

Hello, neighbors,

If you need wooden furniture repaired, we can recommend
Dovetail Restoration in Hampden.  They fixed a broken leg
on a wooden chair for $140.  The mend is as smooth as you
could ask for.  We bought a Ben Franklin style chair that
converts to a step stool when you fold it over.  Very handy
for the kitchen.  The hinges broke and a board came loose,
and it looked like a mess.  They got it fixed for $95.  They
also replaced the cane/wicker on the seat of a chair for $80.

Their website is


and their phone number is (410) 243-8300.


Emil Volcheck
volcheck at acm.org

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