[Chat] [Discussion] An anyone recommend a DSL provider here in the city

Emil Volcheck volcheck at acm.org
Mon Mar 1 23:00:23 EST 2010


Two approaches:

DSL:  I currently use Speakeasy.net, and while the service is very good,
I think they are expensive and wouldn't necessarily recommend them.
Cavtel.com offers a phone + DSL package at a very good price.  I plan
to look into them in the near future.

WiMax aka "4G": Chad described this in his reply to your message
on the Discussion List.  To summarize for the Chat List, he talked
about getting a Sprint-brand "4G" card that gives mobile Internet
access to both WiMax/4G and cellular/3G networks.  (It prefers
4G and falls back to 3G seamlessly.)  This is great for the road
warrior, but the cheaper option is to buy just the WiMax service
from Clear.com .  WiMax launched about a year ago.  This is
long-distance wireless.  I bought a subscription to provide Internet
access at the Baltimore Ethical Society, and I can tell you it is
great speed at a great price.  I've been using it since January 2009.
The speed is 5 Mbps down, 2.5 Mbps up.  That's faster than my
DSL (3 Mbps down, 768 Kbps up).  The price is $35/month for life.
It's been very reliable.


I bought the service from Xohm (a company owned by Sprint
and some baby Bells), which was acquired by Clear.com .
Clear suspended taking new customers in Baltimore while
the Xohm system is in transition.  So, the service still works
fine at BES, but you can't buy new service.  So this does
you no good at the moment.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Maybe Baltimore will be fortunate enough to be chosen
by Google for their 1 Gbps optical fiber service.


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> that is NOT Verizon........nor Comcast, which isn't DSL anyway.   Thanks,
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