[Chat] welcoming spring and the return of the brazen season of prostitution

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I will raise this issue at the next Safety Advisory Council meeting on 
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 and get the advice of the officials who attend the 
meeting.  I am copying our Northern District Neighborhood Services Officers, 
Officer Gibson and Officer Walter, who come to our assistance when necessary 
and ask them to advise us.

In the meantime, Major Ross Buzzuro of the Northern District Police will be 
attending the Charles Village Civic Association Membership Meeting this 
Wednesday, March 24 at 7 p.m. in the basement of SSTs Philip and James Church 
at 2801 N. Charles Street.  I will ask him then as well.  It would be nice if 
you could attend the meeting and talk to him with me.  

Charles Village has a dedicated foot patrol officer, Officer Bill O' 
Donnell who we can call when we have problems.  He will also be at the CVCA 
Membership meeting on March 24.

I am also forwarding your message on to Walter Brown, Safety Coordinator 
for the Charles Village Benefits District, Management Authority, for his 

Old Goucher Community Association whose boundaries overlap CVCA Boundaries 
down to 22nd Street, have been working hard to rid their area of 
Prostitutes. You may have noticed the blue flashing lights south of 25th Street on St. 
Paul and Calvert Streets. It appears that the problem has now moved 

Whatever I learn I will forward on to you and the CHAT list.

The CVCA Safety Committee could use new members.  If you are interested in 
joining, please contact me.

Sharon L. Guida, Chair, CVCA Safety Committee
410-889-0436 (home)
410-467-4409 (work)
410-960-1139 (cell)
SLG2700 at cs.com 

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gouchfolk at verizon.net writes: 
> Hi, all-
>  I know that I have sought advice from the group before about how to 
> proceed with letting the appropriate authorities know of prostitution in front 
> of my house, but I am in needing of reminding about who in the City to 
> contact.  Very early this morning, two provocative "women" were on the corner of 
> 27th and Calvert, and one ran screaming up and down 27th around 4 am (it 
> remains unclear as to why).  I have called 911 and 311 in the past about the 
> activity, which goes inside (perhaps in one of the rentals next door) 
> during the colder months, but returns to the open air as the weather warms.  It 
> is unsettling to say the least and I'd like to get the proper authorities 
> on it ASAP.  Thanks for any productive information you might send my way... 
>  I am not looking for debate on prostitution, the part it plays in drug or 
> gang activity, etc., just contacts in the City to address the issue, 
> thanks.
>  Cathy Goucher
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