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Thu May 3 00:04:54 EDT 2012

I have a flyer offering discounted admission  to the Mid-Atlantic Solar &
Wind Expo May 11-13 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium  (present
the flyer and get in for $8 per ticket rather than $12-- entrance for Moms
is free on Sunday in honor of mothers day).  If you are interested drop a
personal e-mail and I'll arrange to get you a card.

I recently  had a solar installation completed (signed a contract last
summer and the installation was completed mid December) and... well..
partially due to the lack of rain recently.. I have been very impressed.
 The system was designed or estimated to provide between 50 to 60% of my
electrical needs but over the last two months I've generated something like
90 to 95% of the electricity I've needed.  No rain will do that so I don't
really expect such a high level of production indefinitely, nonetheless the
change in my carbon footprint has been significant.  If you are interested
in or are considering solar, the Mid-Atlantic Solar & Wind Expo might be
worth visiting. Though I've never been, I'm guessing there are several
vendors one can talk to.  I'd also be willing to talk to anyone interested
in any specifics about my installation experience. The company I used was
astrum solar (astrumsolar.com).  They have an online estimator for
configuring a system on your roof.  There are several solar contractors in
Maryland and I interviewed 3 different companies and checked references
before making my final decision.  In the *end* I'm very happy with how
things have worked out but encourage others to do their own research.
 Again, if interested in the discount flyer for admission to the expo drop
a personal e-mail and I'l work out getting one to you.

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