[Chat] Internet TV service Aereo to launch in Baltimore

Emil Volcheck volcheck at acm.org
Sun Nov 24 20:29:16 CST 2013

Hello, neighbors,

I've been paying attention to Internet TV services in the hope that
they will mature enough so that I can save paying $90/month for our
DishTV satellite TV service.  The Aereo service looks like it has some
momentum.  It will provide you web access to local channels plus some
basic cable-type channels for a monthly fee.  Learn more here:


I can't say whether this will be a good deal yet, but I will follow
it.  I previously subscribed to Ivi TV (http://www.ivi.tv/), which
worked well at providing broadcast TV over the Internet, but it
couldn't survive lawsuits from the cable industry.



Emil Volcheck
volcheck at acm.org

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