[Chat] fleas?

Beth Bullamore Chat@charlesvillage.info
Sun, 06 Apr 2003 17:19:47 -0400

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<P>Instead of a flea collar, check with your vet about some of the various medications that they have&nbsp; - collars on outdoor cats can be a problem.&nbsp; Our new not-quite full-grown kittens have not been out so it isn't an issue for them, but out prior cat was prescribed a medication that we put on the back of his neck once a month or every other month.&nbsp; It was great and worked very well - absorbed through the skin and killed the fleas if they tried to bite.&nbsp; (He was allergic to flea bites so the new medications were much better than flea baths!!)<BR><BR>Beth</P></DIV>
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<DIV></DIV>From: "Sarah Andrew Wilson" <SARAH@PHLOOT.COM>
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<DIV></DIV>Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 17:06:25 -0400 
<DIV></DIV>Before Joel and I moved to the Baltimore-Washington area, we lived in 
<DIV></DIV>Phoenix for 3 years. There we didn't have to worry about fleas (or 
<DIV></DIV>mosquitoes or roaches or mice.just scorpions!). Now that I've started 
<DIV></DIV>to let my cat outside here in Baltimore, I'm wondering if I need to get 
<DIV></DIV>her a flea collar. Do you cat-owners advise buying flea collars? 
<DIV></DIV>Many thanks, 
<DIV></DIV>Sarah Andrew Wilson 
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