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Crystal Chat@charlesvillage.info
Sat, 26 Apr 2003 07:55:39 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Judy,

I checked www.babblefish.com. They have free
translators for several languages, but not Russian,
unfortunately. Do you know German? The links at
Babblefish go to a German to Russian dictionary.

I also followed a link at Babblefish to Logos. The
input screen is simple -- I typed in "Russian" and it
gave me three output blocks. The first gave me a
description of the word "Russian" and a note in the
upper left corner said "42 languages."

I clicked on the yellow "translation" button and got a
list of languages that "Russian" translates into,
including some links that actually look Russian. The
flag and name on the right indicate the country and
language, the word on the left indicates their version
of the word "Russian."

I'm not sure how you would input the Russian charaters
which are different than a normal keyboard.

Also, I tried searching for "olan" which means "boy"
in Azeri Turkish, but it didn't turn up anything;
however, "bir" which means "one" worked -- the
translation button on the first block told me "bir"
means "a" in English, while the second block told me
"bir" means "one." So, common passport words might

Good luck!


--- jdy <jberlin@bcpl.net> wrote:
> can anyone read russian? if so would person
> translate for me. i have a
> passport,belonging to my grandfather,from 1907, but
> it is partially in
> russian. needless to say i can't read it.any help
> appreciated.
> judy

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