[Chat] choice of house paint colors

Sarah Andrew Wilson sarah at phloot.com
Thu Jul 24 13:33:10 SGT 2003

I received an anonymous letter today from a Charles Village neighbor
regarding the paint on the outside of our home.  Apparently this
well-meaning neighbor thinks our current painting project looks
"terrible" and like a "gas station!"  Please let me explain:
I live at 3049 Guilford Ave.  Joel and I have been in the process of
painting our house red, white, and black.  I would be hard-pressed to
find anyone that would find this color combination offensive.  When one
paints correctly, one uses a primer.  To paint red on the outside of
one's house, one must use a pink primer (white primer will show through
the dark paint, even after three coats).  At the moment our project is
not complete, so we have an amusing assortment of pink primer and red &
white paint on our porch.  While this might not be pleasing to the eye,
it will look beautiful when we are done.  WE ARE NOT DONE YET.  PLEASE
And please feel free to stop by any time to help us finish this
ambitious task.
Best regards,
Sarah Andrew Wilson
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