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Tue, 4 Mar 2003 12:50:56 -0800 (PST)

Please attend the

Bark Out for Peace

Thursday March 6th 

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Charles and Centre Sts. in Mount Vernon

Participants are encouraged to bring their canine
companions, but everyone and all animals are welcome. 
The rally will also help to promote International
Women's Day on March 8th, when there will be a Rally
and March to form a Circle of Peace around the White

Available at the Bark out for Peace rally will be War
Is Not the Answer and No Iraq War signs, for windows
or lawns, as well as antiwar car flags.  

This event is sponsored by the Baltimore Peace Action
Network. For more information, contact Max at
410-323-7200 or mobuszewski@afsc.org.


4806 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212 

Phone: 410-323-7200*Fax: 410-323-7292*E.mail:


Contact: Max Obuszewski 410-323-7200 or 410-377-7987
or mobuszewski@afsc.org

Bert 410-377-7987



WHO: The traditional peace groups, including the
American Friends Service Committee, formed United For
Peace and Justice. The group promotes nonviolence and
calls for a diplomatic solution, including weapons
inspections, to solve the crisis with Iraq. The
Baltimore Peace Action Network [BPAN], a member of
United For Peace and Justice, has been active in
organizing against the war. For example, it organized
a large solidarity rally in Baltimore to coincide with
the international day of protest on February 15, which
turned out to be the biggest peace protest in world

WHAT: Around the world, demonstrations continue to be
organized against a war with Iraq. Recognizing that
dogs have been showing up at the vigils and protests
in Baltimore, BPAN decided to host a Bark Out For

WHEN: Thursday, March 6 at 6 PM

WHERE: Centre and Charles Streets in Baltimore's Mount
Vernon neighborhood

WHY: Activists continue to be creative in their
efforts at condemning war with Iraq. The poets came
together to hold antiwar readings. The Lysistrata
Project organized readings, twelve in Baltimore, of
Aristophanes' classic comedy. Others have taken their
clothes off for peace. The citizens have always
engaged in nonviolent direct action against invidious
government policies.

The theme of BPAN's latest rally is "Who Let The Peace
Dogs Out." Baltimore activists are familiar with Bert,
one of the city's peace dogs. The Australian shepherd
attends the anti-death penalty vigil each Monday and
joined many other peace and justice events, including
the major peace demonstrations in Washington, D.C. on
April 20 and October 26, 2002 and January 15, 2003.
Bert will be barking out for peace with other canine
companions, but all animals are welcome. Antiwar signs
and flags will be available.

The Bark Out will help promote the March 8,
International Women's Day, Circle of Peace around the
White House organized by Code Pink. It begins at 11 AM
in Malcolm X Park, 16th St. between W and Euclid, NW,
followed by a 1 PM march to the White House. Some of
the participants are Alice Walker, Dr. Helen
Caldicott, Amy Goodman, Barbara Ehrenreich, Medea
Benjamin & Granny D.

Carpooling for March 8 will take place from AFSC, 4806
York Road. Those interested should be arrive at 9:15
AM with departure for D.C. scheduled for 9:30 AM.


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